Gute Nachrichten

29. April 2015 at 23:54

GREAT NEWS to spread:

We are extremely happy to inform you that TEMBA has safely arrived in Kathmandu today. He walked all the way from Brabal to Kalikastan. From there he could get a vehicle to Kathmandu. I am so happy and thankful to see him in Skype alive.

Our office is still existing. Nothing is broken or damaged. All computer and internet are working.

Today also our whole group was rescued from Kyangjin Gompa by Heli to Dhunche. Guests and our team are fine. Now we have to bring them from Dhunche to Kathmandu.

With all our other groups we are always in contact. They are all healthy and fine.

Special thanks we like to give to our great Tembas Nepal Trek Team members. You are doing a wonderful job… even in this difficult situation, where you lost loved ones and houses… your first priority is caring about our guests. This is unique and this makes Nepali people so special.